How to get AI controller input axis values?

I’m trying to convert some player systems over to AI. I was hoping to change as little as possible in the conversion. The input axis events are easy to use on the player but are not present on AI controllers. I there an equivalent to these nodes for the AI? I’m only using Blurprints.

The “input” axis events are from a keyboard or physical controller (playstation, Xbox etc). What would be determining when the AI used these “inputs”? When they are in a player controller the player obviously decides when to push a button or do a certain action and the “input” event handles translating this into on screen events. For an AI controller there is no intelligent being outside the program deciding when to use these “input” events hence why you need to create “AI”…this is the “artificial” portion of the “AI” ha

** Also just tried this in a project, you can in fact get “input” nodes into an AI controller BP…their usefulness I am not quite sure about. I guess if you want a player to be able to control an AI pawn at some point then it would matter, but I don’t know how you can have true “AI” and use “input” events.