How to get actor to show on one skeletal mesh but not another?

I know the question is weird but let me break it down to you

I have two skeletal meshes: A TPP and A FPP (third person player) and (first person player)

I set the owner see and owner cant see so that the player playing can only see the FPP mesh while everyone else can only see the TPP mesh

It works but ive stumbled upon a predicament…

I have a weapon blueprint that contains the asset (the gun) and whatever other stuff problem is when i spawn it on BOTH the TPP and FPP model well… it shows up on both

As im walking i can see both guns one being held by the FPP (which is good) and the one being magically held by the TPP (not good)

In this case i cant just set owner see or owner cant see because then i either remove it from both the TPP and FPP or keep it on both

Point is: how do i make an actor appear invisible but still on the mesh while having the same actor BUT on a different mesh actually visible?

Edit: here is a pic of what im talking about:

The floating gun is actually spawned into a socket on my TPP (Third person model)
While the one that is being held is spawned into a socket on my FPP (First person model)

How can i set so the other one (the one thats floating) is not visible to me WHILE the one being held is ONLY visibile to me?

Note that the TPP and FPP are part of the same blueprint and the weapon is only one weapon in a single blueprint

I really need help with this :frowning:

I tried this exact thing but i can’t seem to figure it out, i was able to set the owner of the weapon to the character but the problem is when i do that:
the owner becomes BOTH the TP and FP mesh
If i could set it so that one component/mesh (the TP or FP are both inside one blueprint) would be the owner, it would make the other mesh/component NOT the owner and essentially work but im not sure how to go about setting ownership for individual components

Also the weapon is completely the same as in the same blueprint and assets and code
im spawning in the weapon blueprint into both TP and FP

Also thanks for the help, at this point any is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey there, i would say that when you spawn the weapon you need to check if you are the owner and enable/disable visibility for the 2 weapon instances accordingly. The weapon in FP is only visible if you are owner and the weapon in TP is only visible if you are not the owner. Another thing you can try, although i don’t know if this will work, is to check the FP mesh and TP mesh visibility. So set the FP weapon visibility to the same value as the FP mesh, and set the TP weapon visibility to the same value as the TP mesh.

You can maybe use if the character is locally controlled and from that manually set the visibility of the weapons.

Could you give more detail? :slight_smile:

You have a node in the character Is Locally Controlled, which should tell you if you are are controlling that character or not. After you spawn the 2 weapon instances if you use the Is Locally Controlled to set actor hidden in game based on that. If it is locally controlled then you are in FP view so set the FP weapon to not hidden and the TP weapon to hidden.

Wow… i gotta check that out as soon as i can, thanks!

question, would it allow for other players to see the tp version and not the fp version? i need other players to be able to see the TP while not being able to see the FP and then for the actual player to see the FP and not the TP, ill test it out in a little and see what happens, thanks!

Well i got it to work differently from what xlar8or said but now i found that this way of setting up characters and guns isnt working for me…
I have 1 gun at 2 different locations… one visible to me and one visible to others…
I have 1 particle(bullet) being spawned on one gun but at 2 different locations… one visible to me and one to others… problem is while i see the the bullet being spawned at my gun the other players will be seeing the bullets spawning from other locations on a gun in a different locaiton than the one i am looking at…
Therefore if i shoot the gun the other player will see the bullet hit something that is not them yet he will still take damage due to the bullet coming out of MY gun hitting them…
ive been stuck on this for a while any help is appreciated on going about this, should i make a new post?

Are you spawning the bullets from the server? If you are then both should see the same thing.