How to get actor to move between target points randomly?

I have an actor that I need to move around an area using the targets I placed. I have created a NanMeshBoundsVolume that defines the area I need it to move in. I also have set up 5 target points that I want the actor to move between at random. I think I have it mostly set up but I have never made any AI of any sort before so I am very new to this. Any help is much appreciated.


but you ll have to use a AI controller, the actor must be a character blueprint parent, and just use a tree behavior with two tasks, “choose random point” and default taks “move to”

I recommend these videos from Official youtube channel

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Put your 5 target points into an array and then use [random int from range] to randomly GET a target. Start moving your guy towards it and when it’s in range, run your logic again to generate a new destination.