How to get access to particular pixel in sprite

Hey i want to display perlin noise on sprite thus access every pixel in it. Is there any clean way to do it or should i just create/overwrite file with noise values whenever values changes?

You can make this in the Material Editor using the SpriteTextureSampler material expression.

You should not have trouble implementing any kind of noise there…

thanks but i’m asking specificly in c++

Graphics (texture manipulation) is usually handled by the GPU - faster and cleaner.

Pixel information is handled by the application programming interface (OpenGL / DirectX / Vulcan / …) + graphic driver.

Manipulation of pixel information is done in the shader language of the specific API (HLSL for DirectX). Shader creation is done through Material Editor in UE4. If you want to import HLSL directly in the engine you can use a Custom Expression node. (HLSL is based on the C language)

This is not to say that you can’t manipulate bitmap data in purely in C++, however this will be sub-optimal. You will manipulate the image on your CPU and you will then still have to send it to the GPU through the API. (which could have done the manipulation faster anyway)

In short - It will be either clean or in C++ :wink:

Choose your poison!