How to get a simple X-Ray Vision (ZBuffer override)?

I have a car model with an engine inside. Now I want to create a simple x-ray vision where you can see the engine shining through the car (without the car being Transparent).

The black box would be the car’s chassis and inside is the engine placed(green sphere)

Now I want to let the engine be drawn over the chassis like this:

As a programmer I would say i have to override the Z-Buffer to archive a changed drawing-oder but does anyone here know a best-pratice solution for this effect?

Is it possible to access the Z-Buffer without writing custom shaders?

Thanks to anyone with an idea for this :slight_smile:

Make a new material and assign it to the green sphere. Open the material, and when no nodes are selected you’ll see the basic material properties in the Details panel. Under Material, set the Blend Mode to Translucent. Under Translucency, check Disable Depth Test. Now, any object with this material will draw in front of other objects. You can blend them into the scene by wiring one of the Depth nodes into opacity (though this is a discussion for another topic).

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thank you very much :slight_smile:

How I could get it above everything, but below only the character? Like this: