How to get a reference of an array in BP

Hello, first i need to told you that english is not my langage so sorry for mistakes.

In my project I have 3 arrays of structure.
In my main function i need to select what is the good array to work with.
To do that i have a second function ArraySelector who return an array but it s not what i need I need to return a reference of the array to by able in theory to do Is Array1 == Array2. So if true i know that i m working on the good array and can modify this one like it’s possible with objects.

So my question is how to do that.
Thank s for reponse i hope…

The easiest way of doing this is to save the ID of the active array as an integer and compare that with the proposed ID.

In other words instead of
if(Array1 == Array2)
//new is the same as the current


if(ArrayID == NewArrayID)
//new is the same as the current

how can i have the id of the array?
I really need to get the array reference to work with.

If I understand correctly, you have 3 arrays and therefore can have 1 of 3 possible “Active” arrays, and you want to be able to tell if the currently active array is the same as the result produced by your “ArraySelector”

If there are only 3 outcomes, then let an integer represent which is active. Then, instead of the ArraySelector returning an array to compare, it should return the integer associated with the array.

If you then compare the ArraySelector return id with the ActiveID, you can determine if they are the same, and if not you can set the ActiveID to the new value and use a Select node to begin using the correct array. (See below)


Thank you very much.