How to get a media framework emitting light?

Hello everyone!

I want to reproduce a video on a screen in my level. I have done it as shown in here:

But I would like to have the screen emitting light also. Since the video is created using a material, what is the best way to get the screen doing so?
I’ve tried applying an emissive color, but the result is that the video fades a little and the light effect isn’t quite real.

Any advice?
Thank you all in advance!

I’m not sure if its possible to have an emissive media material emit real time light. You can bake emissive static lighting, but that’s for something that would never change, so that doesn’t help you much. I have no idea if you can integrate it into real time dynamic solutions such as Nvidia VXGI or Light Propogation Volumes. With your current material setup, why not just plug the base texture into both the base color and the emissive slot, rather than that white color you have currently. Maybe that will give you something closer to what you are looking for

Greatings VaSSiLi!

Thank you for your advice, it worked just fine!
Since the video is only a series of words shown over a black background, I didn’t thought of it as a good emissive color, but it worked, making the image more clean and bright.