How to get a Line Trace to ignore a specific chanel C++

So, I’m working on a feature for a 2d game. The feature is Passable collision which will be used as a ledge. The player can pass through the collision from underneath and stand on top of it. The current issue that I’m having is that the Passable collision script that I have created switched collision profiles based on a few factors. When the player stands on top of the passable collision, he has the ability to drop through the collision when pressing down and jump.

The passable collision actor toggles between the default channel BlockAll and a custom Chanel I created to Block all but the player. I run a ground detection trace to determine and store a reference to the passable collision. The issue that I am coming across is that the Line trace is not ignoring the passable collision one its collision profile is set to the custom profile that I created for it. I tried creating a custom trace channel but the channel for some reason does not ignore the player’s capsule. I was wondering how would I go about getting a trace that ignores both the player’s collision profile and the profile used on the passable collision profile.