How to genlock ue4

We are desperately trying to get ue4 nDisplay working and have come accross a few problems and questions and would be very thankful for some help. So far we managed to setup a config file and get nDisplay running on three cluster pcs, each one rendering 1 display.
At the moment we are trying to synchronize all 3 Pcs and dont really know if our hardware setup is correct!
We have one genlock generator attached to our blackmagic card in the master pc, which also has a quadro p6000 built in.

How can we check inside of unreal if our setup is working?
Is it possible to directly plug the sdi cable from the genlock generator to the graphics card`?

We would really appreciate some help!!

In order to genlock using ndisplay in ue4, nvidia Quadro sync ii is required. First of all, you need Quadro sync ii on the PC to be genlocked after checking if it is compatible with the graphics card.

If you want to genlock the Unreal Engine to your video source, find the Framerate section above, and expand the advanced properties at the bottom of the section. From the Custom TimeStep drop-down list, select the genlock port Asset that you created . Close the Unreal Editor and restart your Project.