How to generate a spherical UV ?

I want to edit the BP_SkySphere and add a real image of the sun instead of the sun disk. The problem is that the image is not properly mapped on the sphere, there’s a big distortion.

Here’s the graph :

Here’s the result :

I believe I need to convert my UV coordinates into an equirectangular projection, I thought the UVtoLongLat function would do the job, but it doesn’t seem so, or there’s more to do with it, I don’t know.

Do you have any suggestions please?

Probably better off making UVs in a 3d modeling application.

Hi ZacD, the thing is that I’d like to pan the sun over the sphere dynamically, Would that still be possible afterward?

You could rotate the mesh or reproject the texture so it can pan.

I can’t do a rotation f the mesh because I have the sky behind, so it would rotate the sky as well and I do want to. Otherwise, reprojecting the texture is exactly what I would like to do, but do you have any suggestion of an approach?

Actual philosophers have been debating the best way to do this for centuries without consensus.

More helpfully, take the local position (world pos feeding into transform node to local space) then convert that into spherical coordinates using the textbook math.