How to generat spherical terrain

I want to make a sphereical terrain generator (planet generator) like this

with random terrain generation and spherical gravity.
I am new to the Unreal Engine but i have experience in Unity and i made some games with OpenGL
Where should i start?

I am grateful for every support i get.

You could write your own custom gravity settings or find a plugin like this:

Plus if you know how to create heightmaps you could take a variable poly sphere mesh and use the heightmap to displace the vertices on the sphere. There are similar plugins and tools in Unity that allow you to do this. If nothing else you have a few things to look into as far as research goes.

I forgot to say that the generated planets are to big to be rendered at once.
So i would have to render only certain segments.
I also read that landscapes are a better methode of generating large land masses from the performance - point of view.

These are valid concerns involving performance though we are already at the end of my expertise on the matter. AFAIK landscapes do not generate spherically by their base code and if they did I can imagine their culling methods and performance optimization algorithms would be a bit different from an otherwise ‘flat world’ landscape. That said, if you are looking for a worthy project, you could look into making your own landscape tool set specifically for globe-like development. One of the best places to start would probably be in the current landscape editor code base. Sorry that I don’t know more about this stuff, it is a pretty cool idea you are looking into!

Well I think it is a limitation of ue4 that a full detailed planet cannot be created.Only small landscapes of a large city can be created using ue4.
But, I can see your idea .Is it somewhat like the no man’s sky?

You can do this at amuch smaller scale .If you think it is worth a try watch this link.

After creating the meterials attach them to sphere to provide the effects of the planet. But, if you try to rescale and enlarge the planet I don’t think it will give you desired graphics result. If you have any other idea surely notify me friend .I will be glad to hear.


But it would be more like this.

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were you able to create such a planet ? I would be glad to know.