How to fully use GPU and CPU in Path Tracing render?

Hi, I use Path Tracing to render some frames. When I check GPU and CPU, they aren’t fully to use. GPU uses in 10% to 20%. CPU uses around 5%. How can I fully use GPU and CPU to decrease render time.

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Keep in mind only portions of your GPU hardware are actually being used by the Path Tracer; not all your CUDA cores / stream processors.

Thanks, Is there a way to fully use all CUDA cores/stream processors for Path Tracer rednering? I thought it may can help shoter the render time.

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I’ll +1 on that. I use a professional GPU (Nvidia Tesla) and it’s only using 5-10% of it. So, even though I use this type of hardware, my render is still going to take ages to finish. Which seems to be a big lack of optimization on Unreal’s end.

I see that too. Only 10 to 15 % max ussage of th GPU and 5% of the CPU.

My GPU almost doesn’t work, CPU is doing all the work but only on 50% with those jumps… The only helpful tip I have is to have the rendering window selected, because if Task Manager is selected then I get different, lower values, so I guess it becomes a background task.

Does anybody have any idea how to speed this up?