How to force shadows to appear ?


I’m planning to create a top-down lowpoly game. There wont be any static meshes, as the world will be proceduraly generated. This will be my first game using UE4, and I’m having troubles with shadows. As you may think, in my case, shadow are essential to the look of the game, and I don’t think I’ll have performances problem as it’s a top-down.


Shadows disappear with distance, and I can’t find a way to force displaying shadows.

##Attempts to solve##

  • I found some solutions, allowing to increase the distance at witch they disappear, but none allowing to forbid disappearance.
  • I tried using “far shadows” but couldn’t make them work.

It is not a problem. It is the way, cascaded shadow maps work. Just increase dynamic shadow distance as required.

When reducing distance, it seems to work fine, shadows wont show if I’m too far, but when I set it to a big distance it disappear before.

1 unit is 1 cm, right ?

If I set distance to 20000=200m, shadows disappear at something like 20m, and I can’t increase that limit whatever distance I input.
In fact, there seem to be another factor that limit shadow distance, but what ?

(Sun is set to movable, chair on copper too, everything else is untouched)