How to forbid a function call in UE-Editor through "this" (reference to class-object)?

I declared a static public UFUNCTION in my cpp-code.
I want this function to be callable in blueprints only without additional pin “target” (which appears now, if I add this block to blueprints by dragging a blue wire out of a reference to an object of my class.
However, if I add this block to blueprints by dragging a white (execution) wire - it’s ok - block of my function appears without additional “target” pin.
Can I forbid the appearance of this additional “target” pin in blueprints?

I’m not sure, but for my static functions I use the UFUNCTION tag BlueprintPure, maybe that is what you want.

Thanks, but it does not fit my situation. Because, with BlueprintPure you lose the execution in & out pins. But my function contains certain logic, I want to be executed at concrete point of whole program logic.

I don’t really understand what you mean, you create static function, so "target should not apper as you wanted.

I agree - “should not” but it does