How to flip the normals

Hi i got question and need help.
i am try create a sphere at runtime now the SHPERE been made yaya but have issue i get something like this Pasteboard - Uploaded Image and the code look like this - This website is for sale! - pasteall Resources and Information. now the issue with the image is this the in area means i need flip the normals and bring all to out now i have trobules make at happend please help:) no idea how i can make at happend

The code you have given just seems to be giving you back an array of points? Do you have the code that actually draws the triangles or sets up some form of triangle strip at all? Not sure how you draw procedural geometry in UE4 myself yet, but I’m assuming when you go through the function calls to draw, somewhere along the line there will be an area to either generate normals automatically or input them yourself?

i am use for that area this code from the wiki

haven’t change a line there atm dont know if i need to as well where

There’s a few lines in there which look like they may be calculating a normal for your triangle:

NewData.TangentBasisComponents[0] = STRUCTMEMBER_VERTEXSTREAMCOMPONENT(VertexBuffer,FDynamicMeshVertex,TangentX,VET_PackedNormal);
			NewData.TangentBasisComponents[1] = STRUCTMEMBER_VERTEXSTREAMCOMPONENT(VertexBuffer,FDynamicMeshVertex,TangentZ,VET_PackedNormal);

const FVector Edge01 = (Tri.Vertex1 - Tri.Vertex0);
			const FVector Edge02 = (Tri.Vertex2 - Tri.Vertex0);
			const FVector TangentX = Edge01.SafeNormal();
			const FVector TangentZ = (Edge02 ^ Edge01).SafeNormal();
			const FVector TangentY = (TangentX ^ TangentZ).SafeNormal();

I can’t be entirely sure how it uses these variables and if they are correct however.