How to fix Water Body Ocean VR Rift Glitch

Hi all,

I’m having a problem when using Water Body Ocean on my project.
When I play it on viewport it works just fine, but when I try it on Oculus Rift, both screens show different glitches. On one side I can see the reflections on the water, but the ocean tiling randomly disappears. On the other VR screen I can see just the underwater shader but the tiling “flashing” remains randomly, so when you use the oculus is a total mess.
Any help?

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Fixed the problem by replacing the landscape and Water Body Ocean to a plane and an awful water ocean-ish shader. Quest 2 seems to not have support to these features e.g. Landscape and Water Body Ocean.

Would love an answer too! I read somewhere that it’s fixed in UE 5 but I’m working in 4.27

yep, I experienced the same with the latest 4.27.2 update.
not sure if this issue is resolved in the latest UE5 Preview.

Same Issue in 5.0 release.
This is what it looks like in VR Preview

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