How to fix VR camera location

I am developing VR racing game.

I want to fix camera Location but not to fix rotation.

I set Lock To HMD option in the camera setting.

This option move camera location and rotation in accord with HMD location input.

I only want rotation input.

How do I fix VR Camera Location and receive HMD roatation input?

This setting occur flickering when I rotate HMD.

When I use Lock to HMD option. Flickering isn’t occured but I can’t fix camera location.

Please help me

Thank you

Korea is the best !
It depends how you setted up you Character but I would just move its RootComponent to match the car position. This way all sub components will also follow the car (and so the camera), and you will still be free to look around.

Thank you Vial.

I’m happy to hear that.

I will try your suggestion.

I’ll let you know.

I tried Vial’s suggestion.


I added springArm and attached my first Person view Camera.

It works fine as I want.

Thank you.