How to Fix this Polygons in Cinema 4D

hi guys, I have this problem, as you can see in the jpeg: imagen

Is there any way to fix this?, I have used the “break phong tag” in Cinema 4D, but didn´t works…

I just upload the archieve:

Thanks in advance guys…

Ofc. it works, it broke your phong shading :wink:

Nah, seriously you should export with fbx 6.1 since this works best and pay close attention to your mesh setup.

A few things i noticed and partially fixed before export:

  1. some of the surfaces in your mesh had inverted surface normals (blue instead of orange tint when the faces are selected in polygon mode)
    easy fix, select the parts that are inverted with phong selection tool and invert the normals.

  2. mesh is split by materials. Not entirely a showstopper, but i prefer to combine meshes and have polygon selections taking care of the material assignment.
    I also merged the bedcover with “optimize” since it was split in left and right without reason.

  3. your mesh uses 3 UV channels instead of two and the UV layout isn’t exactly ideal for any of them.
    This wasn’t exactly fixed since it requires a lot of UV editing, which isn’t that easy on such high polycounts.
    So i just took out one of the UV channels and keept the other two. Do this before combining meshes, since it caused issues with face material inconsistency on my first try.

  4. shading issues on the hard surface parts of the mesh.
    A phong angle of 180° is absolutly ok for things like the pillows and other smooth surfaces, but it causes the shading on the wooden parts to look odd, since they have a chamfered edge of 45° on most edges.

Im affraid there’s no easy fix for this, i always use the Vertex Normal Tool in these situations:
As you can see, the left cube has no issues because there is no chamfer and the phong angle is <90°.
The middle cube has some smooth shadow blending going on because of the 45° chamfer.
On the right cube i corrected the Vertex Normals of the flat faces which causes the surface to look flat and even better it adds a nice rounded corner effect to the mesh,
without extra polygons, without the need of a normalmap and the vertexcount is the same as on the cube on the very left with the hard edges.

You can find that plugin here:

Hey Kraid you rocks, I will try to do all you are saying, I will post my advances, Thanks so much…