How to fix stretching in Static Meshes?

I’m definitely a noob here, so this might be a weird question. When I made my first box brush and gave it a material, I used the alignment tool to fix the stretching of the material. How do I do that for static meshes? I imported the model from Blender if that matters.

When importing, did you change the axes of reference? In Blender, the vertical axis (Z in UE4) is different, and one of the horizontal axes is different. I think it has to be +X for forward facing horizontal in Blender export settings, and Y axis changed to Z up before exporting.

The projection of materials onto the surfaces of meshes is not primarily done by the align tool. Do a search in the docs for texturing, materials and UVs, and a search on Youtube for how to map textures to models / meshes in UE. There’s different approaches to it, one of which is called tri-planar mapping. There’s also mapping world or local space. Try a search of “seamless, tileable textures” too.