How to fix reflection problem

Hello, here is my issues,

why is the reflection of the door disappear when I look down? I tried other maps and all do this too… the reflections any limitations? I know that they arem’t made to do mirrors but this is a simple reflection, and a even a post process and reflection sphere didn’t help
I explain better in images 1 and 2

and another thing why is my view making that strange angle in the sides when I look?
are the lights?

thanks for the support in the forum and youtube


Hi g3m4tr14.

What you’re seeing here is Screen Space Reflections (SSR) and as the name suggests it will only reflect what is visible on the screen.

The documentation here can help cover ways to best handle reflections:

I hope this helps.


that was what I suspected, but there is any way to enhance reflections?

in the “Content Examples” Project, in the welcome map, a reflectionbox helps the reflection that is not visible, and if I disable reflectionbox the reflection disappear, what is the trick of the reflectionboxs or the reflectionsheres?

see the example of my screenshot of the “Content Examples” Project: