How to fix procedurally generated noises from "swimming" on the surface of animated mesh

I’m working on a skin shader for which I would like a number of blended procedurally generated noises to drive my specular channel. I’ve run into the problem that this spec noise is “swimming” on the mesh surface once it is animated.

I’ve found this article in the UE documentation which seems to talk about this topic:

My noise is behaving exactly like the gif playing for “Tri-Planar Material” and I would like it to behave like “Tri-Planar Pre-Skinned Local Normal Vector Expression”.

Is there a way to use the “Pre-Skinned Local Normal” node with the position input of procedural noises? I’ve tried hooking them up directly but am getting an error, obviously it might be more complicated than that :wink:

Also open to any other solution to make the noises stop swimming on the animated meshes surface if there is one?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

all i can say here is it might be better to use a texture node for noise and not the noise node.

Probably would have been helpful if you included the error but if I had to make a blind guess, you’re trying to use it in the pixel shader and you’re not using a vertex interpolator.

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Thanks so much Arkiras, that’s exactly what has been missing. I used the Vertex Interpolator as described in the 4.16 release notes here:

No more swimming! Thanks again :slight_smile: