How to fix problem with "Water body requires Landscape to be rendered"?

Hi all,

I am trying to make a landscape with an ocean. I managed to make it work and I have now a nice tiled landscape with the ocean that affects it. The problem is when I try to build the landscape. I got an error that landscape is required for waterbodyocean to be rendered but as you can see on the picture I have it there…

Any ideas on how to solve it?

I read somewhere that using a layer panel and adding landscape there could help but a layer panel doesn’t work cause I am not able to add anything there.


Same issue.
Did anyone found solution ?
UE 5.0

I fixed it by moving WaterBody a bit on X and Y axis. (0.01)


I’m currently using Unreal 4.27 so that it can coincide with the GAM-207 course I’m in. I managed to get this error to fix itself after tinkering around with it for a bit. Select the landscape, go into the collision portion of the details panel, and select WaterBodyCollision in the collision preset dropdown menu. Then you can rebuild the project and it will not give the error.

Changing landscape collision doesn’t solve the issue actually. Even if you bake the landscape with “Waterbody collision” you wiil get your charecter constantly falling under the level. In any case you’ll need to rebake landscabe with “Block all” collision so it wiil cause an error anyway.

I have this error too. In my case playing with collision presets doesn’t work. Please help!

Seems I’ve found a solution. Select WaterBody that causes an error go to Details tab and type in “Landscape”. Uncheck the Affects Landscape box. Worked for me. I was making a lake and after unchecking just sculpted a new pit for water. Then successfully baked a level.

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Hi, I had the same problem. In my case, I had tried to attack the collisions but did not work. My setup is a particular. As you can see the Landscape is not centered on the bodywater, this creates the Problems. Once the Landscape has been centered, the problem is gone.

I hope I was helpful.