How to fix fur material (Disappearing parts) ?


I created this fur material and applied it to a character and found that depending on the angle parts of the character will become invisible.

How can i fix that while keeping the material intact?


because of the way that you setup your material, you are raytracing for pixels behind the mesh to get the appearance of fur, but ue4 simply cant raytrace on curved meshes accurately, so you would have to mask sharp edges like that, or try a fresnel. I would start with lowering the height offset as well. That said, it looks like it could also be because youre bump offsetting twice in the same UV. why not just lerp/multiply/subtract/add the 2 bump offsets together, rather than bump offsetting a bump offset?

Another cause is that you are making the edges transparent with a fresnel, which will of course cause the edges to cause artifacts like what you are seeing. try masking the bump offset uvs with the fresnel, rather than making the edges transparent