How to fix Editor Context Windows flickering

Hello! I’m looking for help with a strange problem that has arrived since December 2020 or just before that. My editor starts flickering after about 20 minutes in the editor every time. It’s solved by restarting the editor, this is extremely annoying and destroys motivation since it always seems to appear when you’re in work mode. Has honestly hindered a lot of work for me, not wanting to touch UE4.

What’s even weirder about this is that this behavior cannot be seen through a screen recording / discord screen share. It is only seen through the display output. This is why it had to be filmed on my phone.


Things in the menus can still be clicked as normal, but the menus aren’t rendered correctly.

I’ve tried to fix it with a reinstallation of windows and such but no success.

Some info about my setup:

Windows 10 (20H2, build 19042.867)

Ryzen 3700X

32GB stable RAM at 3200Mhz

Nvidia RTX 2070 Super - Driver 465

144hz AOC Monitor through DP

Second 60hz ASUS monitor.

Had this issue. Reverting drivers to version 460.89 solved it.

please when your problem begin open “On-Screen Keyboard” and check it for any key down

The windows one or is there a specific on-screen keyboard implemented in Unreal?

windows app

No key presses was the issue.