How to fix dealing with lag..!?

i open vr template motion control map, added google daydream in plugin, motion control work good and just import simple scene by datasmith from 3d max
packaged it ETC2 … please can anyone help me :slight_smile:

That is a performance problem causing low FPS.

Starting points:

  • turn on ‘stat fps’ to see your frames per second (you need to aim for 60 fps for it to be smooth)
  • Remove that skybox (too heavy for mobile),
  • turn off mobile HDR in project settings and restart editor
  • make sure to use mobile culling (package with OpenGl 3.1 with 4.21 or for openGL 2 use software culling see 4.21 release notes for the option to enable that).

are all starting points
After that you need to start doing some performance profiling to see where the bottle necks are to get you down to 60fps. Simplying the materials and lighting are usually the next steps for mobile.

I really appreciate your help i cannot thank you enough for helping me
Thank you :slight_smile: