How to fine tune a Dynamic Reticle for VR

I’ve been playing around a lot with different ideas for the reticle in my VR setup. So far the best result has been facing an extra spring arm forward out of my camera, with just the right amount of lag and attaching a small white sphere with collision on it to the end. Now, like some of the other dynamic cursors I’ve seen, mine has had the issue of becoming quite large and unsightly when the camera is too close to a collision. I’ve worked on fighting this a couple of different ways, trying to scale the sphere once it entered a threshold distance near the camera. This worked pretty well, but it also created some popping when it jumped over sizable objects in my FOV. It also made it feel a little less dynamic. (I’m sure both could be tuned.)
I’ve also thought about fading it out once the arm/trace became shorter than a certain distance from the camera.

I’m just curious what other people are doing for their cursor interaction. Of course it could just sit neatly over the top of everything, but doing it dynamic is so much more interesting.

Take off the collision and give the sphere an “additive” “unlit” material.

Last time I did this I used a collision query to find the next object in the reticle path, move the quad to be in front of that point then scaled it by distance.

To fix clipping you can set a material flag that disables depth checking.