How to find textures

when i search for a texture there is only base color. how you guys find all the maps ( base color, metallic, roughness, normal, height and ao ) at same time.

we do not find them we make them.

you can only find base color and normal map of textures in starter content.

texture. D =base color texture.N = normal map

you can use photoshop or blender or… to produce other maps.

get more help from google :))

it takes huge time to complete a project. and we dont have too much time for archviz scenes :D. so how do we find nice libraries?

There are texture libraries for sale on the Marketplace: Textures - UE Marketplace

besides the marketplace, substance, quixel,… etc etc
I find your reply about a project taking huge time and not having the time to create them rather… uneducated.
If you dont have the time to create your own content, you have bigger problems at hand.

actually i already know these resources and taking my chance to find one more library like vmpp or mmp for 3ds max. i really like creating my own models and shaders but i have 4-5 days to complete an archviz scene ( talking generally ). and its impossible to create everything from scratch atleast for me. if you guys know quality shader library with all maps, pbr and maybe scanned like rdt just teach me pls