How to find a value in data table or string table?

i have a data table with 2 Column and 1000 Row
plus i have a widget and a text input box
i wanna this : if i input a text in text box > widget search in data table or string table ( not different i have both) and with a branch tell me its exist or not
thank you very much

Override onTextCommited (or whatsthename) and Get Data Table Row

can you tell me how? thank you
i use get data table row but its not work as i want

Something like this:

:):slight_smile: Its solved … for have my problem >> i get an output from my table id after that i use “is string table entry registred” then i input my “input text box” in that node then by using return value all of thigs done

i use this for a simple licensing for my game … when user input the true serial then start and option menu appear

thank you so much **Everynone**i use you solution in another way however by you picture now i know how to connect a text to name … good for you and thanks again ;);):slight_smile: