How to fade out of a Post Process


So I bought the “Post Process Shader Pack Vol.1” and I’m trying to set this scene up in a way so that when my camera moves into the post process, it slowly fades into it rather than an instant change. I know that the Post Process “Blend Radius” controls how far away from the post process the blend occurs BUT in my case, that isn’t doing anything. As soon as I enter the radius it automatically sets the full post process.

I’ve googled this and searched in the forums but I haven’t had much luck with this.
This is currently what I have now:

***EDIT:On a side note, after I rendered this video I noticed that weird ball all the way in the back behind the cabinets. I noticed I get that in all of my scenes only AFTER I hit “Play”. In the actual editor, it isn’t there and everytime I hit play it gets generated in a different spot. Does anyone know anything about that?

I think the ball thing is tied to the “default pawn”

Thank’s :slight_smile:

instead of using actual post-process volumes you could add the option to the material to lerp between the default scene and the post-process and adjust that parameter via blueprint to get a smooth fade.
depending on what the pp actually does you may possibly end up with artifacts when blending.

^ like above you cant blend post process material but yo can animate parameters on the fly

I’m trying to apply the Post Process Shader Vol. 1 on my project, but couldn’t do it until now. Can anyone help me to accomplish this task?