How to export static geometry in the level into FBX?

How can I select several static meshes and export those into FBX ? (so that I could import it in Blender and optimize)

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Select the meshes >> [File] >> [Export selected…]

This doesn’t work anymore. The way to do this now is by right-clicking the static mesh>asset actions>export.


Its incorrect. Author means the static meshes are actors in the scene, not in asset browser.
So i think the way is

  1. select all the actors you want to export from the scene

  2. right click on selection → Convert actors to static mesh, then save this single compound mesh to the location you want

  3. export this mesh asset from asset browser via right click → AssetActions → Export…

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Any specific reasons as to why the “export all” does not work anymore? When I do so, it only exports an “LOD” version of the level. Any help welcome. Is there an “export settings” where I can decide how I want my fbx to be exported?