How to export models from Blender to UE4 with the textures I made in Blender

I made a tree in Blender and without the textures it looks like a blocky model but when I render it I can see the textures and the tree looks realistic. How do I export this model to UE4 and have the the textures on the tree, so that it looks like when I rendered it in Blender?

This is a tedious and somewhat difficult thing to do because unreal renders very differently than blender. Unreal is a pbr engine and to understand that Google it. With that said you can’t just import the models with materials and get it to work. You need to bake out good maps and set them up specially in unreal, specifically the leaf cards. I suggest you look at good tree models already built in the engine like in the kite demo you can find on the launcher in the learn tab. Also for only $20 a month you can get speedtree for ue4. Doesn’t take a lot to learn and you can cancel it anytime. Even after you cancel it the tree models will still work in unreal, they are yours, you just won’t be able to edit them. I know it isn’t the answer you are looking for but I gave up trying to use blender for tree models and I’ve used it for 7 years. Sometimes you gotta go with what works better.