How to export meshes with lod's from UE4

Hey guys, is there a way to export meshes from the editor with all appendant lod’s ?
I just triyed to export a mesh but when opening the file in max, all i see is just the main LOD 0 Mesh…

Bump, still waiting for an answer.

yeah thats a good question. I assumed it wasn’t supported, and just remade whatever I needed to i/o… lame! hah

hmm that would be bad, remaking lods for exported asstes can be a lot of work especially if you are just looking to optimize them a little bit. But i would really like to know if this is in fact not possible or nobody knows how to do it :slight_smile:

I’d like to know the answer to this as well. I haven’t found the way to do it so far, and now the inability to export LOD meshes with or without the base mesh is starting to seriously hinder my workflow.

Run into the same question. Here`s is the answer.

Just scroll until the topic “Other How-To #3: Creating Level of Detail (LOD) Meshes in 3Ds Max for UE4” and there will be a short tutorial for LOD set up and exportation in 3ds max.


Dimitri, Adik is asking for the opposite.

LOD’s exported FROM UE4 to modelling package, not modelling package to UE4.

@ Adik, Just curious as to why this is hindering your workflow. Surely you have a copy of your LOD’s on file?

I can say, when I buy an asset from the store, generally I want to edit it. any i/o you lose collision meshes. Not horrible, but if you could kept them, even better.

I have also tried to find this but failed. I really hope it is possible/will be added as a feature soon.

i beleive there is a command line option when you use Gildor’s “umodel” tool to export the lods, i haven’t tried it but it is documented

Yes, there’s a command line option “-lods” which should be passed to UModel to get all lods as separate files. You should pass it there because there’s no UI for export options yet. Packages should be cooked.

So there is no way to export asset with LODs out of UE4 without using external tools??

Hi All,

The artists, where i work, had a similar requirement. This is the hack i used in the engine code. This is not a solution but serves the purpose.
in the function:
void FFbxExporter::BindMeshToSkeleton(const USkeletalMesh* SkelMesh, FbxNode* MeshRootNode, TArray<FbxNode*>& BoneNodes), i added this hack after the if(!Mesh check)

if (!Mesh)
Mesh = FbxMesh::Create(Scene, TCHAR_TO_UTF8(MeshName));
// delete me
FText text;
EAppReturnType::Type type = FMessageDialog::Open(EAppMsgType::YesNoYesAllNoAllCancel, text);
if (type == EAppReturnType::Yes)
ExportLOD = 0;
else if (type == EAppReturnType::No)
ExportLOD = 1;
else if (type == EAppReturnType::YesAll)
ExportLOD = 2;
else if (type == EAppReturnType::NoAll)
ExportLOD = 3;
else if (type == EAppReturnType::Cancel)
ExportLOD = 4;
// delete me end
const FStaticMeshLODResources& RenderMesh = StaticMesh->GetLODForExport(ExportLOD);

I know it’s ugly, but we needed it urgently. Thought i should share it.
Something similar can be implemented for exporting skeletal meshes as well, in the function void FFbxExporter::BindMeshToSkeleton(const USkeletalMesh* SkelMesh, FbxNode* MeshRootNode, TArray<FbxNode*>& BoneNodes)


I’d settle for sending enough pizza money to Glidor to get umodel working with editor assets… :wink:

umodel already partially works with editor assets :slight_smile:

Whaaaa? In 4.10.2 perchance? Tell me more sir…

It can work with “source” skeletal meshes. Statics and textures are not yet supported, I can’t find free time to move my tool forward.
I think it can work with 4.11 files.

Ah. No worries. Thx for the work already done! :slight_smile:

is there still no out of the box way to export LODs.?

found a tutorial. Have not tried yet: