How to export Matinee movie with Buffer Visualization Modes on?


I was wondering is there a way to export/redner a movie with Matinee with the Buffer Visualization Modes on?

I know you can make a High Reoslution Screenshot of all the Buffer Visualization modes on, and it makes a PNG image for all of the modes.

Is there a way to do the same in Matinee and exporting a PNG sequence?


Go to Content Browser, Enable to show Engine content and then go to buffer visualization folder. There you can find all the Buffer Visualization post process material.
Now go to your scene and create a postprocess volume and add post process material you want in the “Blendables” section. Now you can export the movie from Matinee with that buffer visualization on.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

It worked! Just wanted to let you know, thanks!

I also had another question, if that’s ok. I would like to also be able to render the different view modes, like Unlit, Wireframe, Reflections, and so on… Is there a way to render them as well? I can’t seem to find their post process materials in the Engine Content.

Thank you!

Go to your level and open level blueprint and create this nodes


Inside commands string you can enter following commands to get the view that you want:
viewmode unlit
viewmode wireframe
viewmode lit
viewmode wireframe
viewmode lit_detaillighting
viewmode lightingonly
viewmode lightcomplexity

I couldn’t find one for the reflection, but here the link to the doc where you can find the info about different view modes,


Hey! Thank you so much for the reply! This was really helpful!

I’ll try find out about the reflections.

Thanks again!

Thanks a lot.

When your matinee is playing you can hit F1, F2, F3 etc to change buffer viz on the fly too! I discovered it by accident hehe!