How to export Lightmaps

Hi, im a modder from a game that uses a previous version of the Unreal Engine 3 that it doesnt have lightmass.

What I’m trying to do is export the lightmaps from a version that has lightmass and the import them into the game, but seems that i can’t get it properly.

This is how it looks in Unreal Engine 3 with lightmass.


And this is what I get in the editor.


As you can see i can only import the baked light, is there a way that you can export everything in once? Like the final version of it like if it was a render from a modeling program. Thank You.

If you’re working with another engine that doesn’t have a baked lighting system you might as well just bake lighting in your 3D program and apply that as a texture, using stuff from UE4 won’t offer any advantage since the lighting system wouldn’t be able to use them properly in the same way that UE4 would. I would think that all versions of UE3 have baked lighting though.

Yes, Mirror’s Edge has just the previous UE3 version before lightmass came out, I’m using the next version of it (Unreal Engine 3 with lightmass).

Mirror’s Edge used Beast to for the baked lighting.