How to export/import particle effects?

Hi, I have a project on UE4.23 with some particle effects, and I want to use these particles in my another project of UE4.20 if this is possible , how can export them and re-import them in my project of UE4.20?

Thank You

Hey @Alexa.Ki,

To export or migrate your file, right click the file in the content browser and choose either Export or Migrate. If both projects are on the same computer, migrating is probably the easier choice; just point the migration at the content folder of the project you want to migrate the asset to.

I hope this information helps!

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I tried it, and the file is exported in unknown format. .copy format tried to import it in another project and the engine even don’t see that file to import.

Hey @Alexa.Ki,

Sorry for the confusion there! The .copy format is a text file that contains actor information, and appears to be a holdover from older engine versions with limited functionality. Stick to the migrate option, as that will copy over any dependencies required in your asset. For uassets with no dependencies, you can simply copy them directly from Windows Explorer and put them in the content folder of your target project.


Migrating also not working, I tried to export skeletal mesh and it works, it exports in fbx format.
The problem is with particle files.

These particle effects are in the project with unreal engine 4.23.
I want to use these particles in my another project and of engine version 4.20.