How to Export/Import Houdini Skeleton to Unreal

Hello, I am trying to export an animated character rigged and skinned using KineFX , but when I export as an .FBX Unreal won’t recognize any bone or skeleton information, I tried to export only the skinned mesh or merged with the skeleton and still no success If anyone has exported an skeleton created in Houdini to Unreal I would appreciate your help or any thoughts/help from you guys.
thank you in advance, here are the images of the problem:


Have you checked if the exported file has a skeleton? In this way you can understand if it’s an import or export issue

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Hello Ares9323 thank you for your reply, good idea on checking the fbx outside Unreal5 and well when I re import the .fbx to Houdini it comes with the skeleton represented as tiny dots. so not a normal skeleton with bones and all, so I guess my question now is how to make a custom skeleton in Houdini that can be exported with bones and all to Unreal, since the Node ‘Skeleton’ used in KineFx does not seems to work for that :frowning: .
Or is there like an special naming convention to always have?
like :root/something, bone/something

Thank you again man!

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You’re welcome, unfortunately I have never opened Houdini in my life but I spend 50% of my days trying to debug stuff so I suggested you what my approach would have been.

Now that you’ve discovered that the problem is in the export you could try following the export documentation and see if nothing changes (maybe you’ll have to use the Houdini live link plugin).

I wish you good luck!

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As far as I am aware of it you will have to use the “rop_fbxcharacteroutput” ROP for that. IT is outputting the mesh along with the skeleton.

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THIS is the answer. You dont really export after bone deform SOP, but right before.