How to export from Archicad to UE4.

Hi, can anyone, please, explain how to export from Archicad to UE4? Thanks!

The best way is from the 3d window and save the model in the obj format.
In UE4 you can import the model in two ways from the dialog box; as a only one combined mesh or as
separated objects that compose the model.
(in both the cases with every materials determinated by the materials assigned in Archicad)
In case you have to make same modifications to your model in archicad and then reload it in UE4
as single mesh many new materials assigned in UE are missing.
Importing separate objects allow you to modified only singles objects in archicad and so reload
only that parts without missing the others UE4 materials.

This worked for me, however no textures or materials were exported along the meshes, thank you.