How to export a Blueprint project into a C++ code?

Sorry for perhaps a simple question, but i really can’t seem to find this anywhere.

I’m a producer who has been working only with BPs so far. Recently, I added a C++ programmer to the project, and i wanted to show him the code. How can i export a BP project int C++ (possibly in a simple way)?


You can just right click on the unreal project file and click Generate Visual Studio Project (Something like that). This way he can add his c++ code. But I do not think there is an easy way to turn the blueprints into c++.

You won’t be able to turn Blueprints into Code without “translating” it by hand. Blueprint nodes are precompiled C++ Codes. You can only create custom Blueprint Nodes through code or use C++ Code in your Blueprints if they derive from the C++ Class. If you want to add new code, you can click on “File” and on “Add Code to Project”. With this you can add new custom Classes to your BP Project. This will also create the .sln Visual Studio file.