How to expand JSON Live Link plugin capabilities?

I have a working Live Link connection to trueSpace, an older DCC software package. Video of my first good test: trueSpaceLiveLink test02 - YouTube
It’s based on the JSONLiveLink code found here:
How can I expand it to include cameras or lights? If I had a clue on one I can figure out the other. I’m trying to decipher the MayaLiveLink source, but no luck yet.

I was able to crack the code! Video of my latest test: trueSpaceLiveLink test03 - YouTube
My fork of the JSONLiveLink:
Added camera, lights and basic transforms.

hi how do u send data to live link

It’s been a long time, but from what I recall it communicates via sockets using the UDP. So you gather your animation data in JSON format and send it to the live link via network sockets. If you are using Max or Maya you would be better off using the epic plugins that were made for them. I was using this modified version to get trueSpace animation into unreal.