How to execute an event on the server from the client?

I have been reading this and notice that in the multicast section it says “If they are called from clients, they will only execute locally, and will not execute on the server”. I there anyway to execute a custom event with multicast relpication called from a client on the server?

This is not supported directly, but you may be able to achieve a similar result with two replicated events that work together:

  1. A multicast event that performs the logic to be done on the server and the clients.
  2. A “Run on Server” event, that simply calls the multicast event from #1.

Now you should be able to call event #2 from any client, and when the server receives it, it will multicast event #1 back to all the clients.

I have a question about that. Okay, So I ran an event on the server and the server has a Switch has authority that if so will toggle a replicated variable and set it to true, then it calls to a multicast event. In this multicast event if the previous replicated variable is true, it will fire on each client. It works, but my question is, Am I doing it right? Am I suppose to call a event on the server and the multicast it from the server to everyone else? It seems like that is the solution because it works, but I dont want to slow down my game because I did something inccorect…

I don’t think you really have any other alternatives if you are a client and you want to tell other clients something.