How to except the fog effect from certain area/zone?

I’m using ‘Exponential Height Fog’ outside of building but it’s affect inside of building too. So I want to create excepted zone to ignore it while building area, not to destroy it. Tried to handle it with ‘Blocking Volume’ to trigger the destroy fog actor when player get inside of building but as I mention before, it’s not really what I’m looking for. Because building has windows that player able to see outside through of it.

Thanks in advance,

Unfortunately atm you cant limit it to one area, but you could modify it with a blueprint -> when the player enters a room, it will turn off the fog :slight_smile: But epic games is working on a fog volume:

“There’s no official ETA for Fog Volumes, but it is something we’re working on”


So that’s the story end up here then, but nice to hear they’re still working on it. Thanks for the info.

Bump, has this been fixed 5 years later?

Not as far as I know. But if anyone know’s a solution. I’d love to hear it too. Cheers! :slight_smile:

almost 5 years ago

Still waiting on the fog volume :confused:. Or is there a work around i missed?

Fog volumes have been added a long while back.
check out the tutorials on volumetric fog and the live trainings.

Precisely since 4.17.