How to enable vertical three way split screen?

I have a project that will be used in a space surrounded by three projector screens. I’m hoping to show different camera views on each (to immerse viewers in the environment) and as far as I can tell the best way to go about this would be one wide output window split three ways vertically. At the moment if I enable split screen I can only get a one big above or below two small option, anyone know if there is a way to split the output into three equal vertical sections?

Easy to do in the Editor in design mode with 4 windows to drag to external monitors.
But when you run the game not sure about a way to get more than one window pane.

How were you aiming to separate 3 vertical panes to 3 ext monitors, a desktop utility?
Or were you hoping to just stretch a single UE4 viewport across a windows desktop?

Anyway, I haven’t seen anything in the settings or BP to give you vertical 3-pane split.
You can use render-textures to cheat, but its expensive and wont solve the main prob.
Anything is possible in C++ of course given time, but BP split-screen is quite limited.
I want this feature too, even 2-player split-screen to separate monitors for MP testing…

Ah - hmm, I guess I’d just imagined stretching one window out over three monitors with a super wide aspect ratio and then splitting it into three different views (three cameras pointing in different directions). As long as each screen has the same res they ought to match up ok - with two way split screen it looks like it works fine.

So many posts on related topics, but I can’t seem to find anything super conclusive!

I’m no good with C++ so I guess if it’s not doable with BP maybe impossible…

What’s the project? Can you cheat and just spawn 3 ‘unconnected’ game instances… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s visuals for a party, so I’d like to be able to control various bits in the scene to sync with music - possibly it would be doable using multiplayer to link the games, but the event is on the 8th! Maybe not enough time for baby’s first linking ■■■■ over a lan -_-

You’re going to want three networked instances, since you’re on three different displays. I think you’d struggle to get it working otherwise.

I have done the 3 split screen… combining all three monitors using Nvidia’s utility (it is done by someone else, so I am not sure how it is done, but it is not difficult). The implementation uses 3 gui widgets which get painted using render texture from 3 screencapture2d. You have to really degrade the quality of the main screen (which gets obscured by the 3 widgets) to attain better performance. There should be better way to do this, IMO.

We further network this setup to 2 other computers, therefore attaining 360 degree view (45x8, where the last pc only has 2 monitors)

Thanks for the info! - that sounds like the kind of thing I’m looking for (although a little worried about performance given that it’s going to be tough enough driving three screens already). Just wondering - did you run UE in full screen (and that’s why you used the combined monitors)? I think I’ve seen mention of a borderless windowed mode to span multiple displays also.

Yes, it seems like it ought to be easier to do given the split screen tech is already built in and functional - there seems to be no reason for the lack of flexibility concerning layout.

Hope this plugin can help you.
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