How to enable/use GEAR VR Controls


I managed to package a first person “game” and I can look around the map in my GEARVR. But I can’t walk.

I am able to walk in the editor with WASD but in the Gear I am totally disabled. The only thing that works from the touchpad is fire.

Googled for over an hour and browsed this forum but could not find anything that helps me moving.

Anyone can point me in the right direction?


Hey JJ,

I used the BP code from this thread in the android section to get swipes on the gearvr touchpad (which in fact are the same as a swipe on the touchscreen):

alternatively you could use a bluetooth gamepad controller

Yeah, correct me if im wrong but the gear vr has no controller right, it’s just a view-port lenses right?

I’m pretty sure you can use an on the go usb adapter from mini to a type female, which then you can hook a usb controller to it if you do not have a bluetooth controller.

Thanks aussieburger, looks complicated for a newbie but I will give it a try :slight_smile:

@SaxonRah, Gear VR has a great controller, which I prefer (for the project I am working on) above any external one.

Hey aussieburger can you please elaborate a bit how you did it? I’m trying to wrap my head arround it but the explanation in the post you were refering to is also not very helpful since its using a lot of things like the enums totally without explanation. I get basicly what he is doing but since i’m not very experienced in UE it’s really hard to recreate it just from the description and screenshots. I’m really wondering why no one did allready share a solution. Is it because the bluebrint support for GearVr in Unreal is quite new? It would be just to comfortable to do the action and direction mapping like with “normal” input devices. I would be very glad for every explanation or hints!

Event Android Volume Up - Move Forward
Event Android Volume Down - Move Backward

(Add movement , hmd orientation - rotator -> forward vector)

Sharing it here for you how I tweaked the one linked.


  • if you’re not comfortable with ENUMs yet (they are pretty easy though -> I recommend checking out the basic UE4 blueprint tutorials which cover those) you can leave them out.
  • All those “handle” events each path ends up with are custom events to do the thing I want it to do

Have fun!

Hi aussieburger, can you explain those “Handle Tap Input” and “Handle Swipe Input”? I believe you are accessing to other blueprints, correct? How do they look like?

They are just my own custom events to that do something on that swipe. All you need is actually already there - just replace those nodes with a print string printing the “direction” enum and you’ll see when you swipe up “up” is printed etc. :wink:

First, thanks for your reply aussieburger. I’m still new to UE4 and trying to learn blueprint. I was able to get “Print String” work, but I can’t get my character to move. If I connect jump node, it jumps so I must be missing something here.

I really appreciate your help

So it’s something wrong with the add movement input values you’re feeding it. Best to get it working on your PC first - assign a key press to that node instead of one of these swipes to make it easier for you to find out what you are doing wrong with the movement blueprint node. Perhaps see how it’s done on the first person template when the W button is pressed for example and then copy that :wink:

Ok, if I feed InputAxis to Add Movement Input and use keyboard on PC, the character moves as it should. I just don’t know how I can get swipe(touchpad) to move the character.

Movement for Gear VR in Unreal

I approached this a different way, and used the TILT from get input motion state…
then added this to the character controller script.

Ie a small tilt of the head down moves forward… straight ahead , stop and tilt extra up , backs up.

See attached.

Must exist something such easy as on the controller and start walking I Assume that you can do it in an Android Controller as the one in the VRBOX headset buy I have a Gear VR 2017 with the controller and still not working… I can believe how limited can be some things in technologie… the Android horrible joystick works but not the Gear VR Controller… incredible!

GEAR VR Controls_.

I am Beginner in Unreal Engine. Can Anyone help me out how do i get the connection as marked in attached Image.

These are custom events for what you want to do - replace them with whatever you want to do at those points! :slight_smile: