How to enable UE4 profiling?

so i know about the doc:

Run the game with the parameter -messaging, i know how to run a game (Play Button) but where do i put this parameter? “UE4Editor-Win64-Debug.exe”

I got the file and i still got the exacly same problem… where do i put this parameter?

While running the game in editor you can use:

stat startfile

stat stopfile

to begin and end recording data for the profiler.
just press ` to bring up the console and enter those in. The button may be different on other keyboards.

@G1K77 - That documentation is a bit outdated, you don’t actually need to enter anything special, just open UE4 as usual.

There are actually 2 ways of doing it, using the console like @HarryHighDef mentioned, or you can use the profiler window itself.

To do that click Edit on the main menu, highlight Developer Tools, then select Session Frontend. When this opens click on the Profiler tab on the right and from here we can create recordings.

First make sure your current session is selected in the left panel (see #1 in the image), hit play on your game, then when you are ready to capture data you can either click on the button shown in the image as #2, or press Ctrl+C to start capturing data. When you are ready to end the data capture you can do the same thing, Ctrl+C or click the button again. It will ask you if you want to save the data, click Ok.

Now you are ready to view the data so hit pause or stop on your game. To load the data click on the the button shown in the image as #3 and an open file dialog will show up, double click on the UnrealStats folder, then locate the data capture you are wanting to view. You can tell its the right folder because it will take this format:


For a standalone window the name will be different, but play in editor (PIE) files use the above format.


Double click on that folder, then double click on the file found inside. You should now see a profiler window something like this:


You can now use the documentation page to help guide you on how to use the profiler.

Hope that helps!