How to enable two classes, taking Input at a same time.

I working with Oculus Go.
Here I want or require that ** Right Motion controller Trigger(right)**event ,ready to takes Input in both BP motion and Motion Pawn class at same.
But in my case it only takes Input in one class at a time.
Pls help me out this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Every input event has an option called “Consume input”. If you uncheck it, the input will be passed on to other actors so they can also receive and process it.
This said, note that it is good practice to process your input in one BP only and let the others receive a dedicated message if needed.

Firstly I would to say thanks to consider my query.
I already checked the consume Input in both classes.Actually ,We have two classes one is BP motion controller and Motion controller Pawn. In BP class I have done Widget Interaction functionality with Motion controller trigger(right) event,whereas in **Motion controller Pawn class **I have doneTeleport functionality done here.The issue is, it only read one class Input at run time.
But we require both class read’s Input at same time.

Consume input prevents the input from being received by another class as soon as the first class has received it. That is the meaning of the word “consume”. Consume means it stops there. You need to uncheck consume input so that the same input will also reach the second class.