How to enable Mixed Reality mode for VR games?

Hello! I wanted to know if there’s a certain way to enable Mixed Reality mode when playing a UE4 VR game? Valve has this built into the Unity plugin, but is there a way to enable it for Unreal Engine 4?

If not, are there plans to implement this for content creators?

There are plans to do so but as far as I know it is not yet implemented, ETA unknown :confused:


It’s still on their list on Trello with the labels August/September:

Oh man, that’s pretty close! Guess I just jumped the gun on the question. Hope we can do it for existing games too, if that’s possible.

Hi there! I was wondering if there’s any update on this? I have the latest Unreal Engine v 4.14.3 and cannot find any information anywhere on the internet after searching for days now. Is there any clear instructional guide anywhere on how I can enable mixed reality in my UE4 VR game?