How to enable HTML5 from the Github source?

Like in the title, I’ve got the Github source code, and I’ve managed to compile it in its default state, but the HTML5 option wasn’t there.

I’m still quite new to large-scale builds like this, so could someone give me some pointers as to what I need to change to enable HTML5 builds?

So, I got a bit further, I grabbed the master build with optional dependencies and when I built that I could see the HTML5 option in the packaging menu, but it was grayed out, and I could try and launch it to HTML5, and it would open Firefox, but this is all I’d see:

I know a few people have successfully managed to get it working, but I haven’t seen anyone mention how. I’m poking around the source code to try and see what I’m doing wrong, but I don’t have much experience with projects on this scale so any information on how to get it working would be appreciated.

I tried building from Visual Studio to html5, although it tried to run a non-existent exe file to debug it, and now it won’t generate a html file…


We have just uploaded some new documentation for HTML 5:

Please review it and see if it can help to answer any questions you may be having. Let us know if anything is still unclear.