How to enable GPU realtime profiler

Epic released new realtime GPU profiler in 4.14, but I wonder, how to enable it??

When I enter “stat gpu” command, the only thing I get is simple message…

What should I do to get it work?? Should I enable something else?

By the way? Can I use it on mobile to profile my Android game? How do I enable it there?

Did you try “stat unitgraph” and/or “stat profilegpu”? I think that those can also provide good informations. Otherwise “stat gpu” should show you a nice list of things. But you can also bring it up via the stat submenu in the viewport options, if you can trust the documentation ^^ (Quote: “You can also bring the live GPU profiler up via the Stat submenu in the Viewport Options dropdown”)

You can also record a scene with “stat startfile” and stop recording with “stat stopfile” which gives you a ue4stats file. You can load this file into the frontend tool to check out how many ressources are needed by what, but well this is not “live”.

I need stat gpu, i know about other profilers and non-realtime one.

But it doesn’t work for me… In dev mobile build I get the same, and in my PC project aswell.
My colleague says he gets the same and no profiles.

Hi AlFlakky,

The solution is to open UE_4.15\Engine\Config\ConsoleVariables.ini and add r.NVIDIATimestampWorkaround=0

I found it by looking into logs:
“LogD3D11RHI:Warning: Timestamp queries are currently disabled on this hardware due to instability. Realtime GPU stats will not be available. You can override this behaviour by setting r.NVIDIATimestampWorkaround to 0”



It might still not work tho as some hardware simply doesnt support it.

I have the same problem, and I finally resolve it by setting the console varialble r.GPUStatsEnabled to 1.
My first time using english, hope it helps you.