How to enable foveated rendering on HTC Vive Pro Eye


I’ve seen some demos on YouTube on foveated rendering using the HTC Vive Pro Eye, but I did not suceed in setting it under Unreal:

I am using the SRAnimpal runtime paired with the plugin under Unreal 4.22.3. I am able to get eye tracking data and properly identify which actors the person is looking at in the scene.

Problem is image is clear only when the person is looking straight in the center of the lense. This is an incentive for the person to turn their head for looking at objects instead of moving their eyes since image becomes less sharp when we look away from the center of the lense.

So, I would like to use foveated rendering according to where the person is gazing.

I have tried the following link with no success:…eal-engine-4-/

In fact, Under UE 4.22.3, it does not appear in the experimental section of Rendering under project settings.

I also tried the command line options with no observable result.

I expect to be told “Sorry it is not supported yet” based on this post:…1225/view.html

Nevertheless, I trying anyway.

Maybe it is an option I did not see under SteamVR or in the SRAnimpal runtime/plugin ?

Any input would be welcome.

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From a search it looks like foveated rendering is only available in UE4 with the Oculus plugin and that only does it where it doesn’t use eye tracking but rather just renders the outside parts at a lower quality.

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It’s silly to do foveated rendering on an HMD which doesn’t support eye tracking.

I think they do that in order to diminish processing load. Less resolution req

Nevertheless, my Pro Eye has eye tracking.

interested in this too

Any updates here?

Hi all,

here is a detailed guide on how to get started with VRS & Foveated Rendering using Vive Pro Eye & Unreal Engine

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You made my day! Awesome stuff.
Now just to wait for AMD to catch up and for Epic to make this a standard feature and VR dev will be a better place indeed :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this.

Awesome, thank you @mariosbikos :slight_smile:

@Slayemin Not totally silly, you still will get some performance improvement with fixed foveated rendering. However, there is always a chance of noticeable flicker and other visual artifacts.