How to enable foliage actors on a level UE-5?

I’ve tried using foliage actors in UE-5, but it seems I can just create one.

I have started on the basic FirstPerson content. I open foliage mode. I then click “+Foliage” and it just offers static mesh foliage. I can create actor foliage in the content browser but cannot drag and drop it into the foliage area. The issue persists with a new project. I’ve also tried checking the engine with verify and uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing fixed it.

I can migrate UE4 content to UE5 and it enables me to use Actor Foliage. I just cant do it with a level made in UE5. Is there some setting im missing? Or is this a bug?

I was having the same issue with not being able to drag the actor foliage into the foliage area. I found that the issue has something to do with the starting level that is created with the project so I made a new level and it works in the new level.

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Even with a new map it doesn’t work for me…

So apparently Actor Foliage isn’t enabled in a level with World Partition yet (as of 5/29/2022 and UE5 5.0.2).